3 years of work experience

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I have completed 3 years this month and here are pearls of wisdom:

  • Don’t trust anyone… not friends or foes or even family working in the same company
  • Don’t believe anything unless it is given in writing
  • Even if something is written… read between the lines
  • The organization does not give a damn about the employees
  • Employees only care about furthering their own career
  • There is nothing like “company loyalty”. Loyalty has to be bought with money and good profile
  • The average burn out time for an employee is between 3-5 years
  • There is an agenda behind every gesture… good or bad. Be aware about the big picture
  • Put everything on e-mail… and I mean EVERYTHING.

I am not sure what I like about corporate life… I have realized all that I don’t like.

I hope in the next 2-3 years I get to know what I like.

6 thoughts on “3 years of work experience

  1. well…congrats on the survival !

    On a lighter note… do not marry a member of corporate world… or be ready to suffer judai … 🙁 on name of rural stint !

    @ k.c

  2. @ KC: Thanks… And chill, it was not an agenda to marry someone in the corporate world… I fell in love

    @ Sundeep: Really? Lol

    @ Surbhi: I guess any work place has politics and it sucks… it is never a smooth ride

    @ RT: Only the money keeps me going… sometimes I don’t even care about money

    @ Vijay: I am planning to work my whole life… what else will I do?

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