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I bank with Citibank and never have to enter its premises. Everything is accomplished on phone and mail. Incase things are not working out my way I am pretty good at bullying them.

When SBI opened its doors near the house I decided to open an alternate account with them. I have visited the branch 5-10 times in the last year for various transactions and queries… account opening, locker charges, DD, internet account etc etc. I am more than happy with their services. The employees are always courteous and help me out. They offer a seat to everyone, listen patiently and give solutions. They do not seem like government employees at all. What a comeback. I know they got their act together long back but I have experienced it now.
There is a lot of checking on the roads due to the terrorist threat. Every night I come across cops stopping all cars and checking IDs. Thankfully, I never get stopped since there are no women cops. I need to carry my insurance with me incase they stop me.
Conversation between KC and me:
Me: Security has been tightened everyhwere. People cannot enter 5 star hotels without booking a table in advance
KC: Anyone can book a table and enter. Big deal
Me: They will also check IDs and bags at the gate
KC: Yeah well… Kasab and gang started shooting from miles away. ID checking won’t help
Me: True. And cops did not have guns and proper bullet proof jackets. They still don’t. How will cops defend us? Even now during a terrorist attack we are not safe. Wow!!!
It is going to be a lazy week since KC and me are on leave and the days seem to be flying. We have woken up and had b’fast and it is already lunch time.

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