Tales from sales

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People will tell you sales is about selling products. They are so wrong. Sales is about people. Period. You manage people, talk to people, talk about people… All day, everyday. You are their HR, finance, supply chain, admin – everything. You can plan for hours, make complicated excel sheets but never get results from your people. And you can shut the laptop, bring people together and create magic.

I have dealt with a depressed person threatening to commit suicide.

I have counselled someone on his marital problems because he wanted to quit and move abroad to make his wife happy. I didn’t want to lose him from my team, marital problems be damned.

I have spoken for an hour everyday with a newbie on the phone to smoothen his transition into a new role.

I have coached people through mock interviews and on presentation skills so they could clear the process for promotion. At the very least, leave a good impression.

I have negotiated hard at a high end hotel so my team member could stay in a better hotel instead of a hell hole.

These are just a few instances of my job requirements for which am not paid. And these are just everyday things for all of us. These are situations I would escape from in real life. Sure, I could conveniently avoid them at work too but these are the little things that we remember.

These are the small moments which made me go “GT (General Trade) karna hai, yaar. I want GT”. KC didn’t want to hear it one more time and even when the opportunity was in Kolkata, said to me “Karlo GT. Jee lo apni zindagi. I can’t hear you say it one more time”.

So here I am. In Kolkata. Back in the role I have wanted to be in for 1.5 years.