Sweat, tears and blood

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Yesterday while rushing for a meeting in the evening, I hurt my left toe with the steel edge of the glass door of my cabin. I grimaced at the pain and continued to run in my heels but the blood gushing out made it extremely difficult. RIP my pretty, polka dotted heels. I shall miss you and replacing you will be hard.

My female colleagues were kind enough to help me wrap it with a bandage before the entire office floor got soiled. The flesh was visible and the wound looked serious enough to warrant stitches.

I had to run-hop-limp in my heels to the next office for the meeting. In case you are wondering, yes, I would classify the meeting as a life and death situation. Throughout the 45 mins, I kept the toe facing upwards so the blood wouldn’t soil the carpet of a senior person’s cabin. Because priorities!!! Also, I can proudly claim that I have given my sweat, tears and blood to this job. Literally. There are witnesses.

Then I had to run-hop-limp to my car and drive home. I called KC and told him we need to rush to the hospital. A smarter person would have driven to the hospital directly and asked KC to meet her there. But when I make foolish decisions, I like to see them through to the end. They make life much more interesting and blog worthy.

KC drove me to the hospital we go to for minor ailments. Fortis is for messed up surgeries and when we like to savour our coffee at Costa Coffee for an hour while waiting for an appointment. He had an important international work call and gets queasy around blood, so he disappeared after handing me over to the nurse. I wish I was a man and had the luxury of being uncomfortable around blood.

I like people who have a wicked sense of humour of the darkest shade. The more screwed up the better. Except if that person is my doctor.

Actual conversation with the doc:

Him : This needs stitches

Me (a stitches virgin) : But you will give an anaesthetic, right?

Him : No. Why do you need one?

Me : Because it will hurt like hell

Him (grinning) : Who said that?

continues grinning while I look horrified

Me : Are you joking? You aren’t serious, are you? You shouldn’t joke with your patients. This isn’t funny, you know.

Grins wider at my outburst

The anaesthetic is given and doc is examining the toe.

Him : The side nail is broken

Me : Shit. Is that serious? Don’t nails grow out?

Him : Grins

Me : Can you please stop with all the jokes?

My partner was nowhere to be found so I paid the bill and bought the medicines.

I reached the car and waited for KC to finish his call. You know what’s worse than talking to your own colleagues after 7 pm? Listening to someone else talk to his/her colleagues after 7 pm. After 15 mins, I decided to drive us home while the toe was still numb because that was less painful than overhearing work conversations.

I will write a rant about how much my life sucks after 2 more non gym and non running days so please hang around the blog.

Call me by your name – The book vs the movie

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I read a book and then watch the movie inspired from the book. It is interesting to note what kind of treatment a filmmaker gives the book. Doing justice to a book is a big challenge and most of the times, the movie is a screw up. Example, Fitoor (inspired from Great Expectations) or The Shopholic (my favourite book ruined by the movie and the cast).

My favourite movies inspired from books are The Namesake and The Reluctant Fundamentalist. In The Namesake, the book is from Ashima’s perspective but the movie is from her son, Gogol’s perspective. Like, you have to watch the movie and read the book to understand the whole story.

Call me by your name

This is the story of Oliver and Elio. Oliver is an American Professor in Chicago. Elio’s father, also an academic, hosts students at his house in Northern Italy during the summer free of cost. The students have to work as his intern during those 6 weeks. Elio is 17 years old and from the 1st day itself he is strangely drawn to 25 year old Oliver. His sexuality is never discussed. Is he gay or a bisexual? He enjoys having sex with Mariza and then has sex with Oliver. But Oliver has his heart. Oliver returns to USA after 6 weeks and comes back during X’mas to tell Elio he is getting married. They do meet many, many years later.

The Book:

Half the book is about Elio’s crush on Oliver. At this stage, we don’t know whether Oliver reciprocates. This part is beautifully written. Like, when you have a crush on someone and are very aware of their presence. When they walk by, your heart gives a flutter. You remember every conversation and think about it over and over in your head wondering if there is a deeper meaning to anything they said. You fantasise about them, have made love to them in a 100 different ways in your head and the reality is probably never to match up. This was before cellphones and social media so all you could do was wait for your crush to turn up. There was no way to stalk him/her in a virtual world when he/she wasn’t around you in person.

Erotica is the most difficult genre to write and most writers avoid it. I thought man on man action wouldn’t interest me but it was such a turn on. Kudos to the writer for writing this so damn well. Also, you know which passages I will be turning to when am alone. Ahem… ahem…

The movie:

Despite the rave reviews, I turned on the movie with low expectations. How would the movie get into Elio’s head without a narration? The good part is the movie does not cover the entire book. It starts when Oliver arrives and ends when he leaves. I thought that was great. There is only so much it could have covered in 2 hours.

It is about summer love, between Elio and Oliver. It is about Elio’s first love at 17 yrs of age which is reciprocated by Oliver. The intense desire and feelings some loves evoke and feel like a life and death situation. When nothing else seems to matter. Only this moment with this person.

Highly recommend it.