100 days of running

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This running event is quite simple. All you have to do is run everyday for 100 days with a 2 km minimum distance. It has to be a run or run/walk, only walking isn’t valid. The runs are logged into a website. Runners across the country participate in this event, it is free of cost, there is an inaugural run on the first day of the event in major cities. This year the event started on 28th April, Saturday.

I know three runners, personally or on social media, who have run on all 100 days. It led to an immense improvement in their run timings, mileage and fitness levels. Unlike other events which focus on long distance running, this event teaches you to be consistent.

I haven’t been able to get halfway and this year too, I already know what days it won’t be possible to run. So, what is the option? Not participate? This month I have run only 26 km on 6 days. Running even 15 days and 30 km+ will be an stark improvement.

Why strive for the impossible?

The definition for success can be different for each person.

“Don’t recognise failure”

—- Naagesh Kukunoor, in the movie Rockford