A normal Sunday

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Just in case someone would like to accuse me of not making the best use of the opportunity to be back in Gurgaon, here is everything I accomplished in one day:

  • Long run at Lodi Gardens. My most reliable mood booster.
  • Breakfast at All American Diner. We got a table!!!!!!!!!!
  • Books surfing at Full Circle bookstore. Hanging around at Khan Market on Sunday mornings is a favourite activity. Amazon’s book recommendations aren’t half as great as those in a bookstore like Full Circle. I have to stop myself from spending the entire salary here. Someday I will be rich enough to own a room full of books and still be able to buy more without a shred of guilt.
  • Watched a brilliant movie that was screened at MAMI. Who wants to pay crazy amounts of money to watch crap in the theatre anymore? Not me.
  • Joined Climbing 101 at Delhi Rock. This was on my bucket list since the classes started. I am looking forward to their outdoor rock climbing sessions in Delhi. I will be raving about Delhi Rock a LOT so please bear with me.
  • Tried baking two desserts yesterday. Both turned out to be a mess. But am going to get atleast one of them right today.

Happy to be back even though it’s Monday and I have to spend 8 hours in a super shitty place.