8 hours vs 16 hours

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Few days back KC and I were arguing about something. Since am not plug and play, the transition to my old life hasn’t been smooth.

He admonished me for putting too much pressure on myself when it comes to my career.

“You claim you don’t care about the rat race. Since when has it become important?”

I realised that he is right. Moving up the ladder has never been a focus and a priority. Challenging myself, improving as a professional, trying to do good work has been the endeavour year after year. Any opportunities for growth in career have been a consequence of this. Why should this change now? Maybe I will move up. Maybe I won’t. Either way, I will deal. And either way, it won’t change what I do in the balance 16 hours that I am not at work. Why should the daily 8 hours have an impact on the rest of the 16 hours? Every 2-3 years when I have become bored with a role, something new has come my way. That will continue.

The only person I am competing against is myself.

Am I better professional than who I was 5 or 10 years back? Definitely.

Am I proud of the work I have done? Of course.

Have some of my work relationships translated into life long friendships? Undoubtedly. Despite extra ordinary efforts at my end to draw a thick boundary between work and life.

Have I left a role better than what it was when it was handed to me? Always.

For the next 1 year, I need to buckle down and focus on the task at hand without worrying about where it will lead. The 8 hours at work are not my life’s only challenges. The other 16 hours include my goals at fitness, reading goals, writing goals, relationship goals, cooking goal and picking up new skills.

In the long run, the latter will make my life better and bring me happiness. The former are just 8 hours which make me treasure the 16 hours much, much more.