Shitty week 2

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It has been a shitty week and I would rather not talk about it.

Of course, all my goals and plans went down the drain. Everyday was a struggle. Believe it or not, work was the only solace. Atleast I didn’t turn to food for emotional support.

Recap of goals for week 3:

  • IF everyday. This is on track.
  • Read everyday. Reading has suffered due to the movies I have been watching. But then again, it doesn’t matter in what form quality content is consumed. Right?
  • Eat eggs everyday. The simplest way is to add an egg to my pre or post workout smoothie and carry it to work.
  • Workout morning and evening. This is still a struggle. I end up doing either one or the other even though I have time for both. Sure, I have been spending longer hours at work and maybe I should scale back.
  • No junk food this week. Junk food consumption last week was low. So this is not an issue. I enjoy eating home cooked meals and don’t crave variety.
  • Call all friends. Erm, haven’t had time for this. Hopefully, this week.
  • Try two new recipes – dessert and main course. Need to find good recipes of the latter.
  • Write everyday. Maintain a journal. Got to work harder on this one.

Whew. So much to do. So much motivation required.