Recap of the week

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Highlights of last week:

  • Only ate home cooked food. Making up for all the meals I’ve eaten outside in the last 6 months. Which was, everyday, every meal.
  • 16 hrs IF. I love intermittent fasting. I have to worry about one meal less everyday.
  • Wrote everyday. Except last night. The hits on this blog this week have been the highest in the last year. Extra TLC for the blog to make up for neglecting it for months.
  • Worked out almost everyday. Skipped on days when I was sore and needed the sleep. Worked out twice on some days.
  • Stayed in touch with friends. But must make more time to call people.
  • De-cluttered and re-arranged the kitchen. The biggest task in the house. Whew!!!

Goals for week 2:

  • 16 hrs IF everyday
  • Eat eggs everyday
  • Workout morning and evening. Gearing up for 100 days of running so this is important
  • Write everyday. Maintain a journal (tough)
  • No junk food this week
  • Wake up at 6 am every morning
  • Call all friends, harass them till they pick up the phone 🙂
  • Try two new recipes – dessert and main course
  • Read 10-15 pages of the book everyday. Else, will have to bid goodbye to reading as a hobby.