Stuff I think about a lot but rarely bore people with. Except for today.

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The resolution to write everyday is getting tougher and tougher. What the hell am I supposed to write about on a normal weekday?

I assumed every person has a certain management style. Atleast that is what I remember reading during my B school days. But then again, I never took any of the course books seriously so my version is unreliable and probably inaccurate.

I realize now that management style has to adapt to the team you lead. It differs basis the work environment too. Example, it is easier to be flexible and give a certain amount of freedom and independence when your team has senior people who are good at their job. They thrive in such a work environment. You can rely on them to figure out how to complete assigned tasks and be completely hands off. You just have to keep them motivated and provide resources to make their job easier.

But when you have a team with fairly junior people and know their job much better than them, you may have to be authoritative. They will appreciate the hand holding and guidance. That is the hope.

A team which is struggling with execution will never be able to think strategy. Everyone has to climb the ladder one step at a time. Miss one step and the chances of toppling over increase.

For one minute I would like to stop thinking about work. But going by past experience I know that isn’t going to happen for another 6 months.

If am not work, am talking about it and when am not talking about it, am definitely thinking about it.