Rules for the new workdesk

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  1. Thou shall mind thy own business.
  2. Thou shall not bitch about thy manager. Word gets around.
  3. Thou shall turn off thy official phone at 8 pm and refuse to be available unless it is a life or death situation.
  4. Thou shall not gossip at work. Gossip only demotivates and distracts.
  5. Thou shall strive to be the calmer person in every conflict and reward thyself with a run at Lodi Gardens on a weekday if thy succeeds.
  6. Thou shall not discuss personal matters at work and never let anyone get an inkling if post work life sucks.
  7. Thou shall fake positivity at all times so frustration from top management never reaches thy team.
  8. If thou has free time at work on a rare day, thy shall spend it reading instead of whiling it away talking to people.
  9. Thou shall cut through the bullshit and get to the point in any discussion.
  10. Thou shall not waste time in ego massages and butt licking at work.
  11. Thou shall avoid corporate parties like the plague and continue sneaking out of them to attend workout session at gym.
  12. Thou shall only hang out with colleagues who have the potential to become friends once thy quits workplace.
  13. Thou shall remember that thy shall be dead someday and none of this will matter.