2018 Resolution No 2

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Write more

That is deliciously vague, isn’t it? Just the way a resolution you know you are going to break should be.

Write everyday


My first blogs have a frankness and naivety that the current blog does not.

Unless I start an anonymous blog and promote it anonymously on an anonymous social media, am doomed to find ways to express myself while trying to keep some details private. Tricky as hell.

Blogging this year has been bad. I have had to push myself to do it. And the months which were the lowest point this year have zero posts. With all the personal blogs I loved and followed silently dying over the years, am somehow keeping this alive. It is an effort but worth it.

Facebook and it’s essay type posts, Twitter with it’s 280 characters strung into threads and instagram’s ramblings can’t beat a well written post. Am an anomaly here, of course. If a blog isn’t generating money, it is a prodigal daughter that must be sacrificed; is the normal line of thought these days.

I published 47 posts in 2017 vs 200 posts in 2016. I would like to publish 200 posts in 2018 on the blog. If I don’t make this effort, I doubt this blog will survive beyond 2018. 47 posts is abominable.


I would like to write everyday. We all wear masks with everyone but it is important to be true to yourself. And that can only happen when you take the time out to be with yourself. Some people do it through meditation, I prefer to journal. This is such a difficult activity. Finding 15-30 mins in a day just to write any random stuff that am thinking is so hard. It shouldn’t be this hard.

In 2018, I would like maintain a daily journal. Undisturbed and private 15-30 mins for myself.