Worst trip ever

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I had been looking forward to my trip to Mt Abu. This is where I spent 7 years of my crucial school life. I had the best memories and only good things were associated with it.

Yesterday was a wake up call. KC and I rented an Activa and drove to school. I wanted to show KC as much of the school as I could and decided to take permission from the nun in charge so I don’t break any rules. I waited outside the room while a lady in a ghoonghat and lehenga and a man spoke to the nun. Strangely the nun was seated behind a desk but there were no chairs for other people to sit on while they speak to her.

I introduced myself and told her I was an ex student and wanted to see the school. Her first statement “Don’t you think you should dress more appropriately?” I was so shocked I thought I had misheard and made her repeat herself. After that she got a piece of my mind. I told her she had no authority to impose a dress code on those who aren’t students in school and my dress is none of her business.

Her : Are these the values we taught you in school?

Me : If these are the values you are teaching students, the school has gone downhill since I was here

I asked her name but she refused to tell me because I mentioned that this incident would be all over social media.

I realised the school wasn’t a great place at all. The nuns don’t have educational qualifications. They aren’t trained professionally. They don’t step out of the school for 9 months in a year and they don’t even interact among each other. I have never seen a nun laugh. I am serious. They don’t even laugh.

Nuns are the saddest group of people I have ever come across. They were rude to our parents and our middle class parents took it because they were intimidated by the English speaking stern looking women. Kindness, compassion, humanity etc aren’t words I would associate with any of the nuns I have interacted with. They can make any rules in school and nobody can question them. They wouldn’t give us holidays on Diwali and we couldn’t go home but the annual vacations were conveniently in the winters so the nuns could leave the city for X’mas.

I didn’t bother trying to meet any teachers because I didn’t want to be further disillusioned.

The entire town is sad with bad crowd. It doesn’t even feel like a hill station. Has it changed or was it always like this? What do I have fond memories of?

The past wasn’t as good as we think it is and the future isn’t going to be as great as we hope it to be. That’s the sad reality.