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I have been feeling a little depressed today. Why does it feel like 2014 was nothing great? Is it because I don’t have epic plans for today? I don’t know. But I decided to review 2014 to make me feel more positive.

– The most important thing I learned in 2014 was to relax. Life was not a race this year and it has given me time to do so much more. Sure, I miss living under pressure but I have learned to calm down.

– Quit Jazz. I discarded a lot of things and people in my life which don’t add any value.

– I have re-connected with so many people this year. This has been the year of getting back in touch even if it’s one conversation. Mostly through social media but I made new friends this year. It’s been a year of colleagues turning friends.

– It was the year of lifting weights. From 2 kg weights I have moved to 4-5-6-8-10 kg …. as heavy as I can possibly lift. Weight lifting is something I would recommend to everyone. The soreness, feeling of accomplishment, endorphins give quite a high.

– Half Marathons. 2 of them. So much fun. Running is something I enjoy a lot… specially long runs. They burn muscles and are not exactly good for the body but I cannot imagine my life without running

– Swimming. So much fun initially but got boring after sometime. I will start again in the summers.

– Living with KC. This is the first Jan-Dec year where we have lived together. It has its ups and downs. There are days I wish I could have the bed all to myself and when that happens I cannot fall asleep. Days when I don’t want another hug and when he doesn’t hug me I wonder if something is wrong. Days when I want to scream and others when I am so happy to have him in my life. It’s a marriage… it is not supposed to be perfect. Perfection is so boring.

– Politics. I have never really cared much about politics. But this is the year when I had views and opinions. This is also the year when India took a step back by making Modi the PM. It is only going to get worse from here. And KC and I keep talking about how riots are on the horizon. This government is going to divide Hindus and minorities like no other has. I can feel it.

– Travelled to Kashmir- a dream destination. It was quite an experience and an eye opener.

– Social media. I have become active on all kinds of social media- fb/twitter/zomato/good reads/instagram. It is because I have time to spare but communicating is in my nature. I am a Gemini. Communication is my forte. I was apologetically telling a colleague who is barely on facebook ‘Well, I have time’. He said something which has stayed with me; “It’s a good thing. You should know what social media is all about. Imagine going for an interview at a FMCG major and telling them you have no idea what twitter is”. I agree. Social media is not just about having time to kill. It is a way of life… it is technology and if you are not part of it, you will get left behind.

– Books. I am still reading atleast 1 book each month which is good. I really miss posts on facebook about books. It’s like everyone has stopped reading or they don’t have time for anything apart from pics of their kids and hubbies. I really miss interacting with people who read. Goodreads has been god sent in that regard. You can read and write reviews about books, see who is reading what, and discuss books. Though I wish there were more people active here. The best purchase this year has been the kindle.

– Fitness First. Love the gym… love the group classes… love all the fit people in the gym.

– Plays, stand up comedies, Manhattan…

– Back to travelling. I have been to Punjab- Amritsar, Ludhiana, Jallandhar; AP- Hyderabad, Guntur, Vijaywada; Bangalore; Mumbai; Pune; Amravati; Aurangabad; Bhopal; Indore; Raipur and Kolkata. And there will be lots more this year

– Food. I have stopped baking because of the calories but we have tried out so many new restaurants this year. Zomato rocks.

– Leisure trips- Kashmir, Udaipur, Jaipur, Goa, Bharatpur

– Read the best book this year- ‘India After Gandhi’. A must read for every Indian and even non Indian

– Lots and lots and lots of blogging. I have focused mostly on this blog and the movies reviews. Need to revive the other 3 blogs… or maybe not. Still confused about that. But yes, lots of blogging this year

I guess it has not been a bad year at all. Very relaxed. Hope 2015 is just as good with a little more action professionally though.

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