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Below are the things that are going to happen in 2013… Call them resolutions… call them predictions…

  1. Lose 8 kgs… I lost 4 kgs in 2012 (and maintained them). I plan to and will lose 8 kgs more. That is less than 1 kg per month… easy peasy..
  2. Clear all debts: Done. No more debts this year.
  3. Invest more: Done. Already started
  4. Need a career overhaul: No more getting bored. I will not be bored this year
  5. Move in with KC: Has to be done. Non negotiable
  6. Plan a surprise for KC’s B’day: His b’day was low key last year. Have already started on this one
  7. Blog more: I have a weight loss blog and another anonymous beauty blog. I think I am going to link them to my current blog. 
  8. Get promoted in Jazz: Need to move to the next level… Beginners is not challenging enough

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