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The sales are  almost over… this weekend is the last one. I want to give some gyaan and my view of this year’s sale.
Rules of shopping in the sale:

  • Always visit the store in the first weekend, preferably the 1st day. It will be chaos but you will be able to pick the best pieces
  • Visit the same store in the 2nd or 3rd week again. Stores like Zara and Promod slash prices further on the leftover stock. I always find good pieces in the 3rd week at amazing prices. Last year I bought a skirt for 500 bucks in Promod (regular prices are Rs 2400 and above)
  • Always go on a weekday. If that is not possible visit the store in the morning on a weekend. It is less crowded. 
  • Visit from than 1 store. Every store has different sizes and different range. 
And here is a store wise review:
  • Promod: I love this brand… the clothes are good quality and classy. Unlike other sales I do not come across crap stuff here. The merchandising even during sale is good. It is easy to shop around. The discounts are great. I do find loads of good stuff in the 3rd week at amazing prices. This year though the quantity was less. I did not find much in the 3rd week- neither in Delhi nor Mumbai. They have good shoes and purses as well. I visited 4 stores (Saket, Promenade, Pune, Kurla) this year and found my size of amazing shoes in one of them. So, always visit more than 1 store
  • Zara: I have stopped shopping here due to recent incidents of damaged clothes. I will write a separate post on this. I came across many damaged clothes in the store during the sale. I even confronted the store manager on this and he had no answer. Sarojini Nagar has better quality clothes. I bought only 1 dress in the sale and even that had a tear. Not shopping here again… not until they improve their quality. 
  • Mango: I hate this store during the sale… it is filled with crap… the quality is bad. Most clothes are not retailed in their stores regularly. Sure, you might find some good stuff… but its like searching for a needle in a hay stack. I never shop from here during the sale
  • Wills Lifestyle: I love this brand… I wish they had more variety, lower prices, more trendy clothes. Their quality is great. Every piece from this store has lasted me 2-3 years. I don’t generally buy at regular prices but during a sale I don’t think twice. 
  • Shoppers Stop: I hate this store. I visited the Mulund store and it looked like a Big Bazaar. I wanted to buy a patiala and they had discount on the black color and not on the white color. What kind of a sale is this? The footwear were strewn in bins. Who is going to buy shoes from a bin? 
  • Lifestyle: I managed to pick up a few good pieces from this store. I think Lifestyle has some good stuff. 
  • UCB: Hate this store… it is pricey, clothes are not trendy. Sale sucks. 
  • Vero Moda: Hated the merchandising. I can’t shop when the clothes are not well merchandised specially in a premium store. I understand if its a Big Bazaar but am I expected to spend 1k and more on something on which the store has not even put the effort to hang it properly on a hanger? No ways. 
Thats it. I did not visit any more stores. Swear!!!

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