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… for the Summer workshop. I am excited. The previous workshop- Winter Workshop was quite a bummer. I did like preparing for it and it was hard work but the performance was just not “Me”.
In dance, everyone has a style. We are encouraged to watch a lot of videos of different dancers and try and develop a similar style. In the regular classes, we perform on fast, peppy numbers – T Pain, Rihanna, Madonna, Janet Jackson etc. We performed on ‘Ladies Choice’ from Hair spray (a musical starring John Travolta as a female). It is a fun song but every different from anything we had done in class. I think, everyone struggled to get into the music. It did not come out well. Our instructor kept making changes till the last minute. Partners were changed numerous times and on the final day I did not have a partner… which sucked. I didn’t want to perform. I could have walked away and nobody would have noticed. There was a piece in the end performed by a guy and girl at the end. The girl did not turn up on the last day and didn’t even call the instructor. The only one who knew the part as well was the instructor and she performed with us. I was just glad it was over.
This time it is different. We are performing on 2 songs- ‘Call my lover’ and ‘Rhythm Nation’ by Janet Jackson. The first is a girly number and the second a fast, peppy one. We are almost through with the steps… there is a lot more to do but we are getting there. The best part is I am enjoying it. It is close to what I have been doing these last few months, the songs are good, the instructor is not confused and it is coming along well.
Fingers crossed. The workshop is on 8th July’12 at 8 pm in Delhi. If anyone is interested in dance, contact me for a pass. It costs Rs 150. You just might get inspired and decide to join.

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