15th August'12

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15th August’12 seems like a festival in Delhi. Maybe its in my mind. KC and I had planned to meet a friend in Lodi Gardens and then head to Khan Market for lunch. I wanted to go a little earlier- before it got hot and sunny so that we could play badminton or something. At 10 am, I gave KC an ultimatum- wake up else I am leaving without you. We reached Lodi Gardens by 12 noon. I was surprised to see few families there. I had expected the same kind of crowds I had seen on 26th Jan’12. It was hot as well but KC and I played badminton for sometime. We waited for the friend- D to turn up but he was taking his own sweet time. Until then, KC and I walked around… watched the swan and ducks in the little pond and just enjoy nature. It was good. I envy D for staying at walking distance from there. What bliss. There were guys painting on canvas… people taking naps… kids and men flying kites… families arriving with packed lunches… so perfect. What better way to celebrate Independance Day.
At 2 pm we realized the friend was not going to turn up and met him at Khan Market itself. Surprisingly, Mamagoto was closed since it was a dry day (????) and we headed to Amici Cafe. The food was ok kinds… I guess we didn’t order the correct items. D and KC both refused to share dessert and I had to do without.
We returned by 4 pm, napped, went for a walk (Day 4… skipped Day 3) and came home. Perfect.

My cook had joined a job from 9 to 9. Instead of 8 pm she started coming at 9 pm which was a drag. 9 was out dinner time.. now, we had to have it at 10. I didn’t want to change the cook ‘coz she has been with us for a year… until she started to negotiate and asked us to pay her 3k… a 30% hike. I had given her a 15% hike earlier in less than a year. Now, I was truly pissed off. The last thing I want to do it negotiate when I come home. I did not try to retain her and asked her to leave. The new cook didn’t turn up and I had to cook for a few days. It was actually fun. I didn’t find it stressful or exhausting at all. Now, there is a new cook and I have to train her, watch every move, ensure she is doing as told and help out with the cooking.
When my sis was learning to cook (and hating it) she would argue with my mom. Her point was that cooking is not required… she can always hire a cook. My mom would retort- Sure, but you have to show the cook what to do else you will end up eating inedible food. That is so correct. I am glad I know to cook and can show the cook exactly what I want. 

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  1. knowing how to cook is more for survival than anything else. I am glad that I can cook too. Its a craft that I enjoy now thankfully but I remember cribbing so much when i was learning it from my mother. I feel there are 3 or max 4 opportunities to eat each day ( which are very few if you ask me)and I would like to make the most of my meal by ensuring its delicious, nutritious and satisfying

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