12 uses of long hair

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As I intertwine my hair around my fingers and resist the temptation to chop them off entirely, here is food for thought on ways in which long hair is very, very useful:

  • Helps cover cleavage. No need for scarves and cover ups
  • Helps keep warm during winters. Valid only for locations which have winters
  • Get 6 different looks in a week
    • Curl them
    • Straighten them
    • Plait them
    • Tie them in a ponytail
    • Leave them as is
    • Take the 6th day off because I can’t think of anymore
  • Helps cover up hickeys
  • Gives a legitimate reason for long bath times
  • More posts on beauty blog because… long hair = more shampoo usage = shampoo used up faster = new shampoo every month = new review on beauty blog
  • Can try new products to look effortlessly pretty Example- serums, conditioners, masques, leave in, curling creams, heat resistant products, gels, mousse etc etc etc
    • Also, more fodder for beauty blog
  • Spend the money saved on hair cut on a bikini wax to balance hair level.
  • Helps cover bad makeup
  • Helps cover flaws on face, neck, cleavage… hell, grow them till ankles and cover every body flaw
  • Very useful if you ever have to do “shame” walk like Cersei
  • Chew them when hungry…. *There are people who do this*

Anything else I have missed?

Women with short hair- I am not trying to make you feel bad… just preparing myself for another year with long hair. 2017 is when am going to cut them really short after growing them for 3 years. That is my idea of living on the edge.

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