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I should have been asleep by now but am not. I will regret it sorely when I cannot wake up at 6 am and go for a run but at least am blogging. That’s a better use of time than turning and twisting in bed.

I have been very irritated today and it’s not ‘coz of chums… Can’t be that cliched. My perfectly good morning got ruined when I saw stock outs of my products in stores. An absolute night mare for a sales person. And then I was informed Nokia Lumia 830 will not be available tomorrow… Maybe day after… Maybe not. And then I used that as an excuse to skip my workout. And finally KC came home really late which further pissed me off. To think I started off my day so cheerfully.

I cracked the screen of Lumia 820 on Sunday. It was a disaster because it was so unexpected. I have dropped that phone everyday for a year and it never even squeaked but on Sunday I was holding it tight and it just slipped. I really don’t want to spend money on a new phone right now but do not have the heart to use my other Samsung with dual sim as more than a temporary phone or buy a cheap phone. I didn’t even consider other brands before booking Lumia 830. I sorely hate Apple products …. What’s with complicating things and using iTunes? And why do people think iPad is great? I hate that device. Samsung sucks… Android does not impress me. I get very annoyed when google hangouts cannot be disabled.

Here are some of my pet peeves:

– Spam on whatsapp group. I have left 2 groups because people used it as a forum for sending forwards. Not cool. Every place where more than 3 people gather is not for spamming. I do not open the pics/videos/read the jokes. To be fair, in 1 group I got more annoyed with talks of husbands and kids. If I like you I will listen to your stories about kids… But if I don’t care, you are just sucking my life out of me.

– Anti Muslim sentiments. Everytime an educated person discriminates basis religion I want to scream, but I don’t. Whatever your views, it’s not cool to talk about it. It reflects badly on you. I have friends who are Muslims and I think about how they will feel if they hear these things. Not cool… Not cool at all. Don’t need any more haters in my life spreading negativity.

– Kashmir issue. I met the nicest people in Srinagar… Stayed in their house… Was the recipient of amazing hospitality. We did not imagine we would have such a good stay. I do not like it when people with half baked views talk rubbish about Kashmiris. There is a difference between having a view point and being offensive.

– Late Latifs. I hate people who turn up late….. Because I always, always reach on time. People who are late either don’t care about other people’s time or come late on purpose.

Last week I also realized that sometimes when people drift away it’s a good thing. It’s nature’s way of eliminating losers from your life. These people can drain the positive aspects of your life and it’s best to stay away.

Ok… Am done ranting. Watching The Office really calmed me down and distracted me. A part of me is eager to finish all the seasons and another is aware that there will be a black hole once it’s over. Aah… First world problems.


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