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Anyone remember me screaming with joy when my office moved to Powai??? Just 11 km from my house??? In Mumbai??? The luxury of office only 11 km away??? Earlier the office was in Lower Parel, a good 26 km… 1.5 hr drive in the morning and 2 hrs in evening.

The first few days were great… 30 mins in morning and 45-60 mins in evening.
But things have changed (don’t they always?). The traffic is getting worse every month… the drive is 75 mins in morning and 60 mins in evening…. no matter what time I leave home… whether it is 8 am or 8.15 or 8.30 or even 9.
The first obstacle is crossing the LBS road which does not have too much traffic but there are so many potholes in Bhandup that they act as major obstructions to speed. After 30 mins on LBS… the turn towards Powai slope is a torture. There is always some bus/truck/car stuck there which slows traffic further. There is a bus stop on the slope which is so weird. The ride is smooth till Hiranandani after which some cows block the road. I am not kidding… somebody lets them loose every morning and they stand/sit right in the middle. No amount of honking or driving very close makes them move. It is like a Fevicol ka jod.
And then comes the very last obstacle… the signal from where cars enter Hiranandani. The entry lane is narrow causing traffic.
And then some 75 mins later I reach office and cross the obstacles in the evening to reach home.
I crave for a city where 14k rent will get me 3 bhk… where driving 11km will take 15 mins… every the house will have a balcony… where I won’t come home too exhausted to go the gym… where the traffic sounds will not follow me home…
I was never fascinated with Mumbai… and now I think I have had enough of it. Time for a change?

4 thoughts on “11 Km Obstacle Trip

  1. U have to go to tier 2 cities now…nowhere else can u even dream of it 🙂
    Its the rains i think so once they get over u will be back 30-45 mins drive!!

  2. @ RT: I won’t paid this much in tier 2 cities… so they are not an option. I don’t think it is the rains… the traffic is slow on this route

    @ Merlin: I don’t mind…

    @ KC: Duh!!! No ways.

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