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I came across the 100 days of running event on facebook few weeks back and promptly joined it. Someone on twitter remarked “100 days of running in this weather?”. And I realized, that is the whole point. It is so easy for the weather to disrupt a planned run – too hot, too cold, rains. In Gurgaon, I can look forward to only 2-3 months of perfect weather. Rest of the year is torture. Does that mean I should run only in times of perfect weather? Running events don’t get cancelled due to the weather, even when it rains.

The event started on 30th April and it has been 10 days of running. The rules are simple:

  • Run everyday for the next 100 days
  • Minimum distance is 2 km
  • You have to run, only walking is not counted. Run and walk or slow jog is allowed.
  • You have to enter your run data on the link everyday. You can’t enter data 7 days after the run
  • There are no winners or losers

I decided to register for the event even though the May, June, July are very crucial months. We are taking a 6 days international vacation in June and am shifting locations in July. Will I be able to run everyday despite all of this? I registered anyway.

This is what ten days have been like:

Day 1: Saturday

I was supposed to go to Nehru Park and run 10 km at the flag off of the event but TRX on Friday night was torture and I couldn’t get out of bed. No problem. I ran a slow 4 km.

Day 2: Sunday

Ran the planned 10 km

Day 3 : Monday

I attended the yoga class at the gym and realized I hadn’t carried my shoes. I didn’t feel like going home and then running the 2 km so I ran barefeet on the treadmill. I felt lighter and was faster than what am with my shoes on.

Day 4 : Tuesday

I was in Mumbai and had very little time due to dinner plans. Finished work, rushed to the gym and got my 5 km tempo run done.

Day 5: Wednesday

I was in Mumbai and had a body pump class at 8 am. Went for a short 4 km run around 7 am.

Day 6 : Thursday

I decided to run my heart out for 2 km. Why go slow when you can go fast? Surprised myself with an awesome pace of 6:30 mins/km. I think am going fast on all 2 km runs.

Day 7 : Friday

Ran a very, very slow 4 km

Day 8 : Saturday

I was exhausted. Who knew running for half an hour everyday would tire me out. I had planned to run at Sanjay Van but couldn’t find the place. So, parked outside Mehrauli Picnic hut, ran 2 loops inside, ran till Mehrauli archaeological park, ran 2 loops inside and then went back to MPC to finish off the 10 km. It was hot and I could feel every 100 meter. 2 km everyday may seem like nothing but does take its toll.

Day 9 : Sunday

Ran a slow 2 km since it was rest day

Day 10 :

4 km run out of which 2 km were warm and cool down and 2 km were hill repeats at Bio D.

I have not run consecutively for more than 3 days and am loving it. By the end of it, running everyday will become a habit. Also, am looking forward to the challenges I encounter in the next 2 months because keeping this up is not going to be easy.


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